Business philosophy

Responsible company: the company abides by the law, is responsible for everything it does, and bears the consequences.

Companies that love learning: constantly absorb and accommodate advanced ideas, concepts and skills, and constantly improve their own quality and accomplishments.

Honest and noble company: treat and judge things and others fairly and justly with love and respect.

The company's talent concept: like-minded, morally competent and morally first

Company values: realize company and individual values and bear social responsibilities.

Slogan: For nutrition and health.

The evaluation indicators of the company's ability to achieve its goals: team, efficiency, service, technology, reputation, brand.

Company management philosophy: work happily and achieve long-term development.

Company management

Institutionalized management: The company manages with "labor management system", "personnel and administrative discipline management system", "product quality management system" and "financial management" as well as "department operation instructions".