Health food refers to the food that claims to have health functions or for the purpose of supplementing vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Our country implements registration and filing management for health food. Health food registration refers to the approval process that the market supervision department, according to the registrant's application and in accordance with legal procedures, conditions and requirements, systematically evaluates and reviews the safety, health function and quality controllability of the health food applied for registration, and decides whether to approve its registration. Health food filing refers to the process that the health food production enterprise submits the materials indicating the product safety, health function and quality controllability to the market supervision department for filing, publicity and future reference in accordance with legal procedures, conditions and requirements. The State Administration of Market Supervision is responsible for the registration and management of health food, as well as the filing and management of the first imported health food that supplements vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The market supervision departments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government are responsible for the filing management of health food in their respective administrative areas, and cooperate with the General Administration of Market Supervision to carry out on-site verification of health food registration. The main registration process of health food includes acceptance, review, on-site inspection and approval. The clear legal time limit is 5, 60, 30 and 20 working days respectively. The registration certificate is valid for 5 years.

The registration and filing of health food is a work with strict regulations, high technical threshold and complicated procedures. With abundant resources and rich experience, the company can act as an agent for the registration and filing of health food, and provide professional guidance for the preparation of registration and filing application materials, such as product technical requirements, formula and process, labels and instructions. It can also provide new technology, new process and new formula research for product development. Carry out consultation on relevant policies, regulations and technical specifications, and provide professional solutions for clinical research and system construction.